De-google-ify Internet Tech Care #2

on a goal of €60,000



The fundraising has ended. Thanks to everyone!


Taking care of our online services

"De-google-ify Tech Care" is the process of caring for our "De-google-ify Internet" services which started in 2023 (and is set to continue!). We would like to free up time to repair, improve or strengthen these services that we (and you) find indispensable.

Care means human warmth. "De-google-ify Tech Care" also means highlighting all the little hands behind the scenes, who pamper and cajole, whose expertise is essential so that these healthy tools remain accessible to all.

This care time also comes at a price, and that's why we're calling on you!

Tech Care 2024: what's in it for you?

We've already done a lot of pampering this year, and now it's time to put the spotlight back on it!


Framasoft's laboratory

Framalab is our (almost!) secret laboratory, where you can test the software we evaluate before we make it available to the public.

Focus: Framapetitions, a… petitions service!

There are many petition platforms, but they are rarely based on free code. These platforms are also widely suspected of using your personal details (name, email, cause supported) for purposes other than adding your signature to a petition.

For several years now, we've been supporting an open-source project called Pytition. It's functional, but still needs a lot of work on the visual aspects. Supporting us financially means that we can spend time working with the original developer to improve Pytition, in collaboration with the original developer, and in the medium term, to open an online store, in the medium term, to open up a truly free and open petitions platform, with a guarantee that your data will not be used for commercial purposes.

Test Framapetitions

Lots of services in the works


The successor to Framaforms

Yakforms, which currently powers Framaforms, is at the end of its life. We hope to have found a successor.


A (Next)cloud that's easier to learn and use

Let's work together to improve Framaspace, to make it easier for more than 1,000 associations and activist groups to use this free associative cloud.


Easily adapt visuals

Do you regularly use the same visuals (posters, cards for social networks, etc.)? Make your life easier with Aktivisda.

Handling pdf files

Organise, compress and sign your PDFs

Need to add a signature to a PDF? Add pages from another document? Reduce the size of a PDF so that it can be used as a PDF file?

Alternatives to Tricount

Sharing expenses between relatives

Want to go on holiday with friends and not come back as enemies? Need a simple way to manage a budget between flatmates? Then these apps are for you!

Alternatives to Visio/Lucidchart

Create diagrams on digital whiteboards

Need to get an idea down on paper screen? These tools can help you do just that.

And even more

Questions you're likely to ask yourself

Illustration : De-google-ify Tech Care - David Revoy (Creative Commons By 4.0)

Where does your money go?

Your donations ensure our independence (96% of our income in 2023).

Because creating and maintaining ethical digital tools requires time and human talent, the bulk of our time and talent is spent on the budget is used to compensate (as fairly and equitably as possible) our employees and service providers.

Each year, our accounts are audited and validated by a statutory auditor. independent accounts (we publish reports on this page).

  • Employees: 70%
  • Servers and domains: 6.5%
  • Operating expanses: 6%
  • Events and meetings: 8%
  • Communication: 1.5%
  • Project providers: 4%
  • Banking fees and taxes: 4%

(data updated the 6/1/2024)